Puckish - Wart Hill


I really enjoyed this wonderfully fun and quirky story.

One guy is quietly grading papers in a café and discreetly admires a man who walks in. All seems normal until the music starts to play.

“Moments later, a haunting, lyrical piece began to play, filling the small café with captivating, impossible music.”

His life completely changes when he decides not to vacate the table the unusual man is now sitting at, even though he is convinced the man is crazy.

I loved Minoru’s humorous inner thoughts, their conversations, and the magical mixed in with the ordinary. He is now in a world that isn’t supposed to exist and Charys has a very important mission. The story takes a dark turn and moves along at a faster pace as events escalate. 

The chapter headings and literary references are clever and very much suit this story.

Definitely read this if you want to learn a little-known fact about William Shakespeare!