The Girl For Me

The Girl For Me - Failte

Reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews

This is a free story available at Fictionpress.  It is not professionally written or edited, so I won’t take off points for poor formatting, abrupt scene changes, and constantly switching POVs.  

Daniel/Dani is a transgendered high school student and “I only like girls” Kevin is the jock and failing student who eventually falls in love with her/him.   They meet at a party, where Dani is out in public for the first time in drag.  Kevin is instantly attracted to her and then realizes that she is really Daniel Rainier, a football player and advanced student.  Devastated at being found out, Dani promises to help Kevin with his school work if he’d just keep his mouth shut. 

Gradually, the two boys get to know each other as well as learn about themselves.  Dani/Daniel is a really well-drawn character and I enjoyed watching him grow, find love, and express different aspects of his identity.  Kevin miraculously changes from being a straight, self-centered prick with limited vocabulary and discomfort with all things gay to a smart, understanding and kind gay young man.  I just don’t buy it.  


Kevin has bizarre ideas about women, and it’s probably because he hasn’t been so lucky in that department.  


I found this statement offensive:


“After all, they were "lovers", weren't they? And they'd both enjoyed it each time... what was the problem? Danny had been great, so far! Unlike girls, he'd never seemed to expect anything "in return" for having sex. He was getting what he wanted at the same time Kevin was, right?”


Not only is it offensive, but he thinks that because Dani is a guy that he can just have his way with him even though he was reluctant at one point? 


I was horrified that Kevin completely disregarded Dani’s wishes and practically raped him, making him bleed and seek medical attention.

(show spoiler)


Dani enjoyed playing the helpless female, which irritated me to no end.  Being a woman does not mean that you can’t drive a car, enjoy sports, or be on top during sex.  It also doesn’t give another permission to rape.

The supporting cast was terrible.  Kevin’s rich uncle, and the boys’ parents were not believable at all, and the funny moments were just not funny to me.

This is the first story I’ve read about a transgendered teen.  I was looking for something more realistic and enlightening and ended up being very disappointed.