Gaydar - Kim Dare

OK, so I once said that D/s stories weren’t my thing.  I’m always afraid the relationships could easily become abusive when a submissive’s limits are stretched far beyond his comfort zone. 

After reading Kim Dare’s free short, Time to Remember, I no longer had any worries, and found I really enjoyed this sweet and sexy story.

In Gaydar, Matt keeps going to bars and hooking up with the wrong guys again and again.  Little does he know that the right one is there all along.   

Matt is a really sweet guy who deserves much more than furtive encounters in public restrooms and cheap hotels. 

Flynn is a Dominant who shows Matt how to explore his submissive side, set limits, and at the same time develop a healthy and loving relationship. 

This was a short story, yet the characters were fully developed and the story felt complete.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be reading more by this author