Garden Spells

Garden Spells - Sarah Addison Allen

For generations, the Waverly family has made their home in Bascom, North Carolina.  Each of the Waverly women possesses a unique magic which has made them a curiosity in the town, but their oddness also keeps others at a distance.  Claire is a caterer who uses the enchanted herbs and flowers in her garden to prepare exquisite dishes that affect the eater's feelings.   Claire’s aunt, Evanelle, gives odd and random gifts that she knows the recipient will need in the future.  Her younger sister, Sydney, has a knack for creating just the right hairstyles for her clients.  Even Sydney’s daughter, Bay, has a special talent for knowing just where something (or someone) belongs. 

The fun starts when Sydney flees with her daughter from an abusive man and returns to the home she abandoned.  Claire’s quiet life is suddenly thrown in turmoil, and both sisters are forced to deal with their past.   Claire gradually succumbs to the charms of the man next door, and Sydney finds love with a childhood friend.

Garden Spells was a light, pleasant, and enchanting romance that was just a little too sweet, sentimental, and predictable for me.  The men are too good to be true, the villains are stereotypes, and there’s very little conflict. 

I loved the big and cantankerous apple tree with a mind of its own that throws apples at unsuspecting victims. 

Not my cup of tea, but should please those readers who like magic, love, and happy endings.