Finn  - Angel Martinez

Finn was just the story I needed to warm my heart and lift my spirits after being sick with bronchitis all week.

Diego is not terribly good at taking care of himself. His greatest satisfaction in life comes from helping others. When he finds a cold, sick and naked man on the Brooklyn Bridge, his caring and empathetic nature comes to life as he brings the man home and helps him recover.

It turns out this unusual man is an ancient Fae known as a Pooka, and recovery from his illness requires he spend some time away from the pollution and congestion of the big city.

As they head for the Canadian wilderness, Diego and Finn run into complications when a malevolent force is awakened.

I really enjoyed this enchanting fantasy infused with magic, Celtic folklore, music, art, humor, sensuality and emotion. Both men were strong and well-developed characters with baggage from past relationships and hurts. I loved the growth of their relationship, their great capacity for love, and their powerful magic that makes the world right again.

This story was an absolute joy to read from start to finish!