Ender's Game

Ender's Game - Orson Scott Card

I feel almost guilty posting my review here, when others are so fond of this book and I'm clearly in the minority. I fail to understand all the awards and acclaim it has received and the fact that highly intelligent people find any value in it. None of the children in the story were particularly likeable or believable. They seemed more superhuman rather than just exceptional. Card's use of the word "bugger" as a name for the aliens struck me as very unoriginal. Every time I hear the word I can't help but think of a sexual deviant. The battle scenes were somewhat entertaining and helped move the story along, though after I was done I felt the same as if I'd consumed a party bag of potato chips, bloated and unsatisfied. The story was not particularly well written, and the dialogues struck me as flat and artificial. Though Ender's Game appeals to a lot of younger people, there seems to be no redeeming message in this book.