Diving in Deep

Diving in Deep - K.A. Mitchell

Cameron Lewis is a water safety instructor who travels a good part of the year for his job. Noah Winthrop, Cameron’s best friend Adam’s kid brother, has had a crush on him since he was 15.


I started out liking how Noah and Cameron tried to resolve some of their early relationship issues, their difficulty communicating and their power struggles. Noah is a very appealing character. Cute and sexy with his dark, long, floppy bangs and bright blue eyes. Cameron was an arrogant jerk and even with his declaration of love for Noah later in the story, I just couldn’t feel the love at all. The sex scenes were frequent, repetitive, lacking emotion, and very boring. They started to blend together and I found myself skimming through them to get to the resolution of their relationship. This was also rather disappointing as neither Cameron nor Noah had much depth or complexity. A little more drama and angst and less sex might have made this a more satisfying read.


I found Joey a very appealing character and look forward to reading more about him in Collision Course.