Cresting Tide

Cresting Tide - Brenda Cothern

Reviewed at Outlaw Reviews


I love the sea, its mysteries, turbulence and tranquility, and I love its inhabitants, real and mythological.  This was the perfect story for me to read on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

The story starts with Peter floating on his back in the current.  He was stripped of his possessions and thrown off the ship he stowed away on in order to escape a marriage he wasn’t ready for. 

Cuke, a sea elf who is curious about humans despite his family’s wishes, saves Peter from certain death.

Through touch, eye contact, and sounds, the human and sea elf gradually learn to trust and love each other.  It is difficult for them to be together as often as they wish, because of the limitations in their physiology.  Sea elves are unable to live on land, and Peter can spend only limited amounts of time in the water. 

Their life on the island is peaceful and their lovemaking is tender, sweet and very moving.  Complications disturb their carefree existence in the form of meddling family members, a shipwreck, and an unexpected child. 

This was a lovely story that evoked the magic, tranquility and wrath of the sea and the beauty of love in all its forms.