Captive - Remy Jensen

Reviewed for Hearts on Fire Reviews

A famous rock star, marauding pirates, stolen jade, a kidnapping, a vacation in Belize gone awry, and sex on the wild sea. Oh, what delicious fun!

Nico should have listened to his manager and taken at least his bodyguard with him, but he wanted to get away from it all and enjoy a little privacy away from his screaming fans. So he takes what he thinks is a water taxi only to find himself stripped to his boxers and tied up by the boat’s crew. It turns out the captain of the boat is someone familiar to Nico. Just the day before, Nico was visiting the Mayan ruins when he stumbled while going up the stairs and fell right into the man, knocking over his bag of rocks and earning an angry glare.

Nico’s apology isn’t enough. That bag of rocks contained precious jade and the captain, Patrick, has a plan to recover his losses which involves Nico dressing up like his ex-girlfriend, Grace, meeting with her liaison early and intercepting a shipment of jade she intended to collect. When the plans fall apart and Grace sets eyes on Nico and immediately recognizes him, she sees dollar signs. So off he goes on another boat, a hostage once more. But Nico is determined to escape and uses his feminine wiles to gain advantage.

I totally loved Nico and Patrick! Even though they were enemies, there was an attraction there right from the beginning. Nico fought fiercely and made several aborted escape attempts, unwittingly bringing him and Patrick closer. Patrick was very protective of Nico, fully aware that his androgynous beauty was pleasing to the more unsavory crew members. There was plenty of action, adventure, and nail-biting moments. This was a fun, exciting and sexy story with an ending filled with possibilities.