The Break In

The Break In - Sloan Parker

I enjoyed More Than Just a Good Book, so I went into this story with high expectations. Generally, I prefer a little plot with my erotica, but there are times I can enjoy an erotic story that has well-written sex scenes and allows me to connect with the characters.

From the start, The Break In did not settle well with me. Billy regularly breaks into his ex-lover’s house, wears his ex-lover’s clothes, and jerks off in his bed. This goes on until one day Doug and his lover come home early from dinner and Billy is discovered.

Billy is not your garden-variety stalker. There is more to this story which I won’t reveal here, not to spoil what little plot there is. No matter the circumstances, Billy’s odd behavior in the beginning was downright creepy and I was unable to connect with him in any way. After he was discovered, I was similarly detached from the other characters, found their behavior unbelievable and the erotic parts dull and uninspiring.

It was a struggle to get through this story.