Blind Faith

Blind Faith - Claire Thompson

Reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews


At 35 pages, this is a quick read, but there is a lot of story packed into these pages.

Aidan was scarred and blinded in a car accident involving a drunk driver. After extensive physical therapy, classes for the blind on independent living, and a handsome settlement from the accident, Aidan is now living alone and leading a very lonely existence.

Zane is his on-again-off-again lover, who returns from his most recent European jaunt to learn the devastating news of Aidan’s accident.

Aidan and Zane are such likable and believable characters. I loved Aidan’s determination to overcome his emotional and physical pain and desire to live an independent life. I also loved Zane’s exuberance and impulsiveness, shining his light on Aidan’s dark world.

This story explores fear of commitment, coping with a disability, coming to grips with vulnerability, and asserting control.

By learning, changing, and shedding old habits, Aidan and Zane grew to be better men, individually and as a couple. I enjoyed every moment with them.