Bite - Sean Michael

Anton is a sexy alpha werewolf. Greg is the newly hired live-in chef. One glance at his baby blues, tattoo and goatee was enough to bring out Anton's "uncivilized" nature.


The first half of the book is a lot of repetitive sex scenes complete with biting, growling and rough play that lack excitement and tenderness, and very little plot.


The use of one-word sentences is too frequent and gets annoying after a while.


"Glowing. Eyes didn't. Oh. "There"".


There's a bit of humor, though. Anton's dominant nature and Greg's cockiness and independent streak often clash, ending up with Greg being the one who gives in. The story starts in the second half, when Greg's room is vandalized by a mysterious intruder.


More sex scenes follow. Too bad.


Greg is a very talented chef and I would have liked to see more examples of his culinary expertise. The story races along to a pulse-pounding ending that is so obviously a setup for a future sequel.