Animal Instincts

Animal Instincts - Kim Alan

After getting a glimpse of Sir Winston’s handsome mug, there was no way I was going to put off reading this story. I love the brachycephalic dog breeds, particularly pugs and bulldogs. I know they are prone to health problems and hate hot weather, but their sweet, expressive faces and dignified posture are so hard to resist.

Sir Winston is heavy-set, lazy, and he slobbers and drools. In addition to these endearing qualities, he also has a finely honed gaydar.

Dr. Jordan MacKenzie is Winston’s patient and understanding veterinarian. Not only does he have to fend off the overfriendly Winston, whose gaydar is always on, but he also has to put up with his eccentric owner, Mrs. Miller, who calls the doctor no matter what time of day or night when her dog goes missing or has a problem.

Then there’s Cal, who Winston nearly knocked over when he came to Jordan’s clinic to pick up his grandmother’s dog (that gaydar thing again).

Jordan is very interested in Cal, but Cal is resistant to his advances. Of course, Mrs. Miller spilling the beans about her dog’s matchmaking abilities didn’t help matters. And it doesn’t help that Cal is so prickly, rarely smiles or laughs, and keeps to himself pretty much.

Though Jordan and Cal are very well-developed characters, there’s a lot more to them, particularly Cal, that hasn’t been told yet. Jordan is patient, easygoing and raising a child on his own. He is also a Dominant who knows exactly what Cal needs. Cal eventually succumbs to Jordan’s charms, and their lovemaking sizzled, but he is a wounded young man and I really hope there is a sequel that will cover more of his history.

I thoroughly enjoyed this sweet, humorous, and very sexy story.

Reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews