Savior - Jade Falconer Stalkers, death threats, and overzealous fans force Ricky, a pampered and gorgeous rock star, to accept his manager’s suggestion and employ a body guard. Jim, the self-confident and experienced body guard, takes his job seriously. In order to adequately protect Ricky, he must sleep in his room. Jim does his best to maintain self-control, but the close proximity to his client and Ricky’s androgynous good looks and sexy body are too much for Jim.After an attempted kidnapping, the traumatized rock star looks for comfort from the reticent body guard and the sparks begin to fly.This was a sweet short story, only 79 pages. I enjoyed the dialogue and the sizzling chemistry between Ricky and Jim even though Ricky’s personality was irritating at times and he deserved to have his pampered butt spanked.