The Woman Who Was Afraid of Lightning

The Woman Who Was Afraid of Lightning - Jeff Ambrose I'm really glad that I didn't read this story last night while it was pouring buckets, lightning illuminated the sky, windows rattled and power flickered. As scary as it was, New England just doesn't have a shot against Texas when it comes to violent thunderstorms. Disregarding the ominous skies, a man and his toddler venture out and head to a used bookstore, where they encounter an odd woman who is terrified of lightning.The vivid description of a fast-moving and violent electrical storm was so chilling and suspenseful that I wanted to rush home, close all the windows, and huddle under a blanket. The ending was just...weird. And left me with a lot of questions. For some reason, it made me think about how the behavior of the narrator and the customers in the bookstore toward the odd woman might have been different had she been beautiful and not acted so strangely. This is a well-written and very effective horror story. I’m looking forward to reading more of Mr. Ambrose's work.