Impedimenta (Interstitial, #3) - Ann Somerville Seb, North and Jati are back in this wonderful sequel to Interstitial. This time, they are on a quiet transport mission when their ship develops mechanical problems and they become stranded on a backwater planet with an abundance of natural beauty and political troubles. The action in this story takes place two years after Interstitial. Seb is insecure and feels North deserves someone better and younger. North has matured and become more patient without losing his fun and impulsive side that sometimes lands him in trouble. Jati is a wonderful character – tough, brave and sexy. While Seb and North struggle with their problems, Jati gets involved with Jorge, one of the new engineers. Their relationship develops at a natural pace and they are as appealing a couple as Seb and North. Once again, my only complaint is the story's short length. I was so immersed in the lives of the characters and the political situation on Kefarno, that I hated for the story to end. The ending was very hopeful and promising. Some relationship issues were resolved and openings were left for a possible sequel.I love thoughtful science fiction stories without a lot of technical jargon and with lots of fascinating and well-developed characters that will stay in my memory. There is so much depth, richness and emotion in Interstitial and Impedimenta that these stories deserve more pages and a wider audience.Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews