One of Those Days

One of Those Days - Zathyn Priest Alexander Bell is a young chiropractor who enjoys his work, drives a nice car, and has great friends. Ric Saunders is a former high-school bully who made Alexander’s life hell eight years ago and unexpectedly seeks treatment at the clinic where Alex and his father work. I was pleasantly surprised at how sweet, humorous, and touching this short story was. Ric and Alex are well drawn, believable, and very engaging characters. I keenly felt the emotional turmoil Alex experienced at first seeing Ric’s name in the patient file, his anger while treating him, and as their relationship grew, the internal struggle he faced trying to forgive Ric for the pain he caused in the past and accepting the changed man he had become. I thought the flash-forward ending was cool and would have liked it even better if it had been a little further in the future. Available for free hereAn illustrated version can be found at the author's website: - Just finished reading the new version and noticed the ending was changed. I don't remember any creepy stalking spiders in the original story! I also think Ric's character was developed more with deeper insight into his past.