Agyar - Steven Brust

Agyar is my first introduction to Steven Brust. It's short, a stand-alone and quite an original vampire tale. The author succeeds at being humorous and witty without going overboard, and creates introspective and complex characters struggling to survive in a world when they are "different".


The first-person narrative easily enables the reader to get into the head of the main character without the author's opinions and judgment. Agyar is certainly not the most likeable character, but he easily justifies his actions and often comes across as a basically decent guy doing what he has to do to survive and sometimes even can distinguish right from wrong.


From page 157:


"I could, I think, have killed them, but I have been given to understand that killing policemen is not something to be undertaken lightly; so I turned and ran."


None of the characters were especially likeable, except the compassionate, sympathetic and sociable ghost Jim. Jill and Susan were typical of young, self-preoccupied women, the type that would fall for a handsome, sexy drifter like Agyar.


If Agyar is an indication of the quality of Steven Brust's work, I will definitely be reading more!