The Second Coming (Words of the Prophecy, #1) - David H. Burton Wow, I was really impressed by this debut novel!In a post-apocalyptic world, 500 years after the earth shifted on its axis, dark magic, angels, demons, witches, and a cast of characters with hidden agendas flourished. Various religious beliefs come into conflict with each other, some loosely based on Christianity, some Native American, and others. This complex and very dark story contained some common fantasy elements, yet managed to be fresh, original and exciting. The pace was relentless and the characters were in such precarious situations much of the time that they left me exhausted. This story satisfied my need for both fantasy and horror. There are some graphic scenes that may be disturbing to sensitive readers. Thankfully, there was no cliffhanger ending. The story was open-ended, yet felt complete. Thanks to David Burton for giving me the opportunity to read this amazing story!