Melting Ice - D.J. Manly 24-year-old Brian Fuller became a detective just three years after graduation from the academy. His dad is police commissioner, so Brian is not too popular with the other cops. Like his dad, he works hard and is good at his job. Though much of the passion for his work comes from his father’s influence, it has also become a way for Brian to deny his sexuality and avoid conflict.Brian’s job on the gang squad is to learn about Ice, the new leader of the notorious Diablos motorcycle gang. His superior officer, Grant Maloney, wants Ice badly and arranges a meeting with a gang member who agrees to be a snitch. Suddenly, Brian is left alone with a brutal gang while Maloney makes a dash for his car. Brian is beaten, imprisoned, and left at the mercy of the leader called Ice. Who knew that he would be the most gorgeous man Brian ever laid eyes on? When Brian learns that his senior officer is corrupt in more ways than one, he must work with Ice to bring him down. But Ice is harboring secrets and Brian finds himself starting to fall in love with his captor, the kind of person he’s worked hard to keep behind bars. Ice is openly gay, and though Brian may have fooled his father and his fellow officers, there was no hiding from Ice. I loved their developing relationship, sizzling sex, and the sweet ending. This story was short, but oh-so-sexy and suspenseful. I gobbled it up in one sitting, a perfect way to spend a gloomy and rainy day. Also reviewed at Outlaw Reviews