Male of the Species - Kate Steele Devin Grant is an alpha werewolf who was cast out from his pack because of his preference for males. He meets up with Quinn Alexander, an older, established werewolf who lives a solitary life, yet craves the physical and emotional bond of a pack. Together, they form their own pack by seeking other men who have been similarly rejected because of their desire for other men. This newly formed pack develops an intense physical and emotional bond that helps ease their pain of rejection and unites them while they overcome their enemy, an evil warlock who sacrifices young men in the hopes of regaining his sexual potency. When Ryan Mitchell, Devin’s mate, is kidnapped, Devin must race against the clock to free him before both Ryan and Devin lose their human sides to the wolf within them. I really loved this story! The love scenes were tender, intense, and very heartwarming. The love and trust that develops between the pack members and with their chosen mates is very touching. As is typical of many romance novels, these men are total perfection. They are gorgeous, strong, virile, and sensitive. I generally like my werewolf stories a little darker and miss the conflict, drama and in-fighting that normally occurs among werewolf packs. I wish the werewolves would have revealed their wild sides a little more often. As a werewolf story, Male of the Species slightly misses the mark. As a love story, it is beautifully written, emotionally moving, sensual, and very satisfying.