The Slayer's Apprentice - Zathyn Priest Wow, The Slayer's Apprentice blew me away! It was very dark, twisty, and suspenseful. It frustrated me, made me sad, got me mad, and greatly disturbed me. Since I was busy with school assignments, I only had time to read small chunks at a time. Then I finished the remaining 2/3 in one sitting. I love psychology and found the details and insights into personality disorders and psychopathic behavior fascinating, but felt the information could have been presented differently, like maybe as the voice of the psychiatrist? Phoenix was very well drawn, fascinating, and very complex, as were all the other characters. Was he a murderer or a victim? I had mixed feelings about him throughout the story, most of the time disliking his selfish, deceitful, and manipulative personality, then growing to like him as I started to realize there was much more going on that caused him to behave the way he did. His devotion to Echo, the child in his care, was in constant conflict with how he behaved towards others. In spite of his behavior, I never wanted to see Phoenix and Echo separated. Senior Constable Daniel Hart first sets eyes on Phoenix while he's tending bar, spitting in customers' drinks, and picking pockets. These two men are like night and day, and while I didn't understand the attraction at first, their growing feelings for each other in spite of Phoenix' mental instability became much more convincing. As others have mentioned, this is a terrific story that was marred by poor editing.