Poison - Jane Bled Tired from a long work week and sexually frustrated, Kurt boards a subway home and takes one of two available seats next to a gorgeous businessman with cold eyes and cruel lips. I love subway scenes - widely disparate groups of people crammed together like sardines, dwelling on their thoughts, their fears, their fantasies. Kurt is a busy college student. He doesn't have time for a meaningful relationship and contents himself with occasional one-night stands. He gives the man his phone number. Kurt can't get enough of Luc and wants more. Luc is controlling and has no mercy. Kurt wants to escape and finds he can't. I liked this short, dark and erotic tale about sexual obsession. Had this story been longer, I could easily imagine it taking a darker and horrific turn. It's a shame that poor editing marred this story. I also didn't like switching between using the men's names and their job titles. One or the other would have worked fine. Steer clear if it's a romance you're looking for.