Snow White and Russian Red - Dorota Masłowska, Krzysztof Ostrowski, Benjamin Paloff, Dorota Masowska, Dorota Masłowska Snow White and Russian Red by Dorota Maslowska is the first and award-winning novel by this young Polish author. It is tersely written, stylish and darkly humorous, about troubled, drug-addled, marginalized post-Communist Polish youths. The story starts out with the main character being dumped by his girlfriend and his search for the next girl, next hit of speed and his continued commentary about the state of Poland. The book is well written, but the characters were so unlikeable and their lives pointless and uninteresting that I had a hard time connecting with them in any way. I quickly grew tired of the casual sex, rampant drug use, and shallow friendships. Not bad, just not my cup of tea.