With Caution - J.L. Langley With Caution is the third installment in J. L. Langley’s With or Without series. Remington Lassiter, who was introduced in Without Reservations, is adjusting to his life as a werewolf and coming to terms with his attraction to Jake.Remi has endured severe abuse as a child at the hands of his father. Even though Remi is now living on his own, his life is still very much controlled by his father. When he discovers bruises on his younger brother, Sterling, Remi enlists Jake’s help in finding a way to protect him. During Jake’s investigation of Remi’s father, he discovers some very unsettling truths about Remi’s childhood.Overall, I enjoyed this story. It was well executed and there was a lot of suspense and mystery that made it difficult for me to stop reading. A strong cast of supporting characters rounded out the story nicely. Its weakness for me was the relationship between Jake and Remi. They were very hot and sexy, like Chay and Keaton in Without Reservations and Lainey and Devlin in With Love, but there was no heat, no passion. Remi’s sweet and submissive behavior got tiring very quickly and the love scenes were lacking in emotion and intensity.Overall, a good read but not the best in the series.