IM - Rick R. Reed Timothy Bright is a serial killer who targets his victims through a gay hook-up site. After the first murder, openly gay detective Ed Comparetto is asked to investigate. Once he questions a witness, Ed’s life takes a turn for the worse. Nevertheless, he is determined to solve the murders and find out the truth about Timothy Bright, even if no one else believes he exists. I really enjoyed this story! If I didn't have to complete a class project, I'd have gobbled it up in one sitting. Its relentless pace left me breathless and on the edge of my seat. There were some very brutal, violent and disturbing scenes, but none were gratuitous and all were necessary to reveal the twisted mind of the serial killer, Timothy, and the pain and suffering that drove his actions. I liked the shifting points of view, from the detective who is trying to solve the case, to the aunt who has kept a journal revealing her own mental instability and showing glimpses of Timothy’s childhood and teen years, and to Timothy himself. Timothy is a monster, and I had no compassion for him, but I understand how families and life circumstances can lead to behavior disorders, violence, and possibly murder. The horrible end to Timothy's lonely victims looking for sex and companionship made me very sad. It bothers me that in a society that is supposedly more enlightened and tolerant, that people continue to engage in risky anonymous sex. The bright spot in this story is the relationship between Ed, still grieving the loss of his previous relationship, and Peter, a librarian he met while conducting research on the case. Their growing friendship and love is in sharp contrast to Timothy’s hate and self-loathing.