Voyeur - Jon Michaelsen Kevin works as an accountant. When he’s not working, he’s very passionate about his garden on the balcony of his high-rise condo. While out on the balcony one evening, Kevin lays eyes on a gorgeous man in an adjacent building. What starts out as mere curiosity gradually turns into an unhealthy obsession as Kevin buys a pair of binoculars, and eventually camera equipment, to see his man up close while he suns himself, while he’s working out, and in various stages of undress. Kevin loses sleep, his best friend is worried, and his job performance suffers. When the men finally meet, Kevin learns his name is Tony. After a night of passionate sex, Kevin wakes to find Tony has left and he realizes there is no way to contact him. When Kevin looks out the window again, cops are swarming Tony’s residence, there’s a murder to be solved, and Kevin is a suspect.I really enjoyed this very gripping, sexy, and suspenseful story that ends well, but could have done without the shrewish co-worker and best friend, Alice.