The Protector - N.L. Gassert Soren Buchanan, a young and attractive redhead, wants to end his unfulfilling relationship with sexy Jolina Miciano. Soren’s father is an organized crime boss who will benefit from their union. When Soren decides to end the relationship and suffers a brutal beating at the hands of his abusive father, he enlists the help of the FBI.Former US Army Ranger Mason Ward lives a quiet life on a houseboat in Guam. He is hired to protect Soren from his bad-tempered father. The only problem is, Mason has a thing for redheads. And his job turns out to be a lot more complicated than just keeping Soren safe. The Protector is a fun, sexy, fast-paced read. Its non-stop action and suspense kept me flipping pages well into the evening. Despite the seriousness of the main characters’ desperate situations, there was also a bit of humor and playfulness to lighten up tense moments. I enjoyed the lush tropical setting of Guam, with its beautiful palm trees and unpredictable weather, and the love that develops between two very different men.According to the author’s website, The Protector is first in a planned series. I’ll be first in line for the next book.