The White Album - Joan Didion The White Album was required reading for my American Experience class. I didn't love the book at first, but after a couple of essays, Didion's quiet style started to grow on me. This collection is a revealing narrative of events that occurred in the 1960's and 1970's. It examines the lives of famous and infamous people and places (Charles Manson, Ramón Novarro, the Hoover Dam, Huey Newton, the California freeway, Bogotá, Doris Lessing, and others). Didion gives candid and thoughtful snapshots of a time past, some things unique to California, others universal. She focuses on the mundane and personal in a very revealing and intimate fashion that is helpful in understanding what life was like then. Just as the author was living and reflecting on a time that was full of growth and change, these essays serve to illustrate that our time also has its similar and unique difficulties and joys.I look forward to reading her more recent collection of essays on America since 9/11.