With Love - J.L. Langley Devlin Johns is an Alpha werewolf looking for a new location for his construction business. Laine Campbell is an Omega werewolf who is delicately built, effeminate, submissive, and a klutz. Dev and Lainey meet while Lainey is being punished by his Alpha for his insolence and discover they are destined to be mates.I really wanted to love this story. Overall, it was fast-paced and fun. The main characters were very appealing and the love scenes were sizzling. Even though Laine was an Omega and a weaker wolf, his childish behavior on numerous occasions was overdone and grated on my nerves. I would have preferred a more equal and balanced relationship. At times I felt Laine needed a babysitter instead of a mate.Still, the main and secondary characters were well-developed and interesting enough considering the short length of the story.