The Hour Before Dark - Douglas Clegg Nemo Raglan returns to his family home on a remote Massachusetts island after learning that his father had been brutally murdered. His sister, Brooke, was the one who found him in the smokehouse. She spent hours with him, sitting in a pool of blood. His brother, Bruno, who still lives on the island, is worried about Brooke’s deteriorating mental state as a result of her father’s slaughter. The three siblings attempt to figure out who could have butchered their father while they reconnect, discover dark family secrets, and recall old and painful memories. The remote island with its harsh weather and provincial neighbors seems so far from the mainland that it may as well be another country. The large family home is old and creepy, with its many doors, secret compartments, and mysterious happenings. This was a wonderfully written story, with believable and well-drawn characters that are easy to relate to, and a creepy and unsettling atmosphere. The horror is more of a psychological nature and does not rely on excessive amounts of gore. I’m looking forward to more of Doug Clegg’s work.