Screwing the System - online short - Josephine Myles This story is hot! I normally like a little more plot with my erotica, but I won’t complain when the story grabbed me right from the first line and wouldn’t let go. Poor Cosmo Rawlins is having trouble finding work where he can utilize his musical skills. After getting fired from his last job, he is now interviewing for a position as a “sanitary disposal operative”. One look at Alasdair Grant and Cosmo’s mind was on getting to know him better rather than getting a job.I loved Cosmo! He was cheeky, funny and totally lovable. I liked his opinions about work, his passion for music, and his playfulness. Alasdair is the kinky “daddy” who wants to keep his “boy” in line, but he is also reticent about sharing his past, showing brief flashes of sadness. Though these two men are so different – rich/poor, large/small, young/older, they seemed so right together in every way. I hope they will get a full-length story.