Running Hot - Stephani Hecht For months, paramedic James Wilson and cool, professional emergency room doctor Calvin Dane have admired each other from a distance, but busy jobs and a fear of rejection prevent the men from taking that next step. Nurse Janet, close friend and confidante of Calvin’s, is determined to see the men get together. A grope session in the back of an ambulance and a night out at a bar soon alter both men’s lives. Though there are many doubts that things could possibly work between Calvin and James, James no longer doubts the doctor’s interest in him. They begin to open up to each other, and work through their insecurities. Their sex is sweet and intense and there are a few interesting secondary characters to liven up the story. There’s the homeless guy, Indian Jack, who is a regular at the hospital and loves root beer. There’s Matt, James’ partner, who loves talking about his sex life. There’s Janet, the “meddling” nurse, and Gladys, the nurse who should have retired ages ago. This is a short and pleasant story that would have been more enjoyable with less sex and more emotional depth. While I didn’t mind Janet too much, I could have done without Gladys. I hate shrewish women in gay romances and believe the genre has room for well-developed and diverse female characters. Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews