You First - Kim Dare Luke is 23 years old, sexually experienced, very ambitious, and driven to succeed in his career as a barrister. Though his sex life is nearly perfect, he doesn’t understand why he can’t last as long as his younger, inexperienced partner. Each chapter of this story begins with a day – Saturday or Wednesday, the two days a week that Luke and Justin meet at the club and then return to Luke’s place for sex. Luke is much more comfortable just having sex, but 18-year-old Justin wants more. Though Luke is a leader in the courtroom, he is a submissive in the bedroom and wants Justin to be in control. Luke perceives his inability to last as a failing and becomes more determined to please his lover and Dominant. Unfortunately, lack of communication increases misunderstanding and jeopardizes their relationship. Despite the story’s short length, the two main characters are fully developed and the emotional impact deeply felt. I loved their hot sex, their growing relationship and the humorous touches throughout. My only gripe is that Justin is way too young to be so self-assured, but that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of the story. I also loved the way the D/s lifestyle was explored, without violence or humiliation and lots of trust and love. Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews