Steel's Redemption - Reviewed for Hearts on Fire Reviews2.5 starsI had mixed feelings about this story. The best part for me was the setting. I felt the author effectively captured the rugged landscape, harsh living conditions and violence of the American West. When Riley was just 15 years old, bandits brutally murdered his parents. His stepbrother, Steel, takes off on his horse and vows to hunt down the men responsible. Though he promises to return, he is away for 10 years, forcing Riley to grow up and accept responsibility. He struggles with debt and eventually has to sell his parents’ ranch. Steel’s guilt is not assuaged by killing the bandits, so he becomes a bounty hunter. When Steel finally returns, Riley is extremely hurt by his stepbrother’s abandonment in spite of their deep feelings for each other. I loved the action, violence and danger in this story. The men’s reunion after Steel’s recovery from his gunshot wound was tepid at best and their final love scene failed to make my heart soar. The blurb was also too long for the length of this story, making it fairly predictable.