The Other Side - Shawn Lane I read [b:The Other Side|6185979|The Other Side|Shawn Lane||6366255] in one sitting and was blown away by the intensity and emotional depth of this story. Dr. Ray Carmichael is a wealthy African-American doctor who is running for political office and has little use for the police department. Nick Sorenson is in charge of the investigation of police misconduct involving the beating of Ray’s brother. In spite of the obvious differences between the men and the conflicts that stem from their value differences, there is no denying the physical attraction they both have for each other. I’ll admit it took me a little while to warm up to the hoity-toity Dr. Carmichael, with his custom-tailored suits, Bel-Air mansion, and full housekeeping staff. What did he know about the real world, the struggles of poor and working-class people, the cars that won’t start, the low-paying jobs, the impact of drug abuse on the addict and their family? At first, I thought there was no way a relationship between Ray and Nick could ever work. They had different upbringings, came from different social classes, and had different problems. Boy, was I ever mistaken! I enjoyed watching these two men as they struggle, resolve conflicts, and develop love and respect for each other. A very moving, sexy, and satisfying romance! I will definitely be looking for more of Shawn Lane’s work. Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews