Now in Flesh Appearing - Logan Zachary Reviewed for Hearts on Fire Reviews3.5 starsDavid needs to do something, and fast! His account has been hacked and he needs $300 to make a payment on his partner, Ethan’s, Christmas gift, or else he’s going to lose it. Asking Ethan for a loan is not an option, so he takes a job as a stripper at the Brass Rail. After a personal lapdance and some training by a very sexy Ryan on how to please his clients, David soon gets the hang of the job and the dough starts rolling in. The lapdancing scenes were very hot and sexy, and even though David’s actions could be considered “cheating”, it was clear he loves his partner and only wanted to surprise him for Christmas.Unfortunately, there was no background on David and Ethan’s relationship, so this would barely qualify as a romance. Still, it was a fun and well-written piece of erotica.