Parking Lot Hero (A Powers of Love Story) - J.M. Snyder Whenever Matt and Vic make love, Vic acquires superhuman abilities that eventually wear off and get replaced by others. The only permanent ability Vic and Matt share is telepathy. In this short story, Vic gets to use his strength and extra speed to prevent three young punks on motorcycles from tormenting their landlady, Mrs. K. Vic lifts weights and has a stocky build, while Matt is lean and a swimmer. Vic is not sociable; Matt loves to have friends over. Vic hates grocery shopping and Matt loves it. Vic does whatever it takes to make sure Matt is happy. I really enjoyed this short glimpse into the lives of Vic and Matt and look forward to finding out how they met, where their powers came from, and what sort of trouble they’ll get into next. I also hope to see more of Mrs. K. Her colorful Polish words and feisty attitude made me smile. Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews