Outage - J.M. Snyder Matt is a great lifeguard and swim instructor, but his office skills leave much to be desired. His co-worker, Roxie, has to go to a workshop in office management and there’s no way she’s going alone. So she enrolls Matt without his knowledge, and now he’s stuck. As if attending a boring workshop isn’t bad enough, Matt and Roxie get stuck in the building’s elevator during a snowstorm while they’re leaving the workshop. Fortunately for them, Vic has a new power that allows him to manipulate electricity. All he has to do is find the power source to the elevator...Outage is another fun entry in the Powers of Love series. It was fun getting to know Matt’s bisexual co-worker, Roxie. There was also a brief appearance by Kendra, the police officer who knows about Vic’s powers. I love how Vic and Matt communicate telepathically, how they deal with Vic’s unusual powers, and their deep love for each other. Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews