The Powers of Love - J.M. Snyder What a fun story! Vic Braunson is a city bus driver who feels Matt diLorenzo’s eyes on him while he’s lifting weights at the gym. To Vic’s great disappointment, it turns out Matt is his co-worker Kyle’s main squeeze. A few months later, Matt boards Vic’s bus towards the end of his shift and invites him out for a drink. Matt wants to start off their relationship slowly. Four months later, on New Year’s Eve, they make love for the first time. Vic’s shaved head, tattoos and muscular build cannot belie his romantic nature. He’s in love with Matt and wants him to be “the one”. As Matt and Vic become closer, Vic discovers new and unusual abilities that he can’t understand and is having a difficult time coping with. He wants to talk to Matt about what’s happening, but he’s afraid of losing him. Vic finally opens up to Matt, and realizes that he'll have to put up with his super powers if they are to stay together.I really enjoyed this humorous, sexy and sweet story. Vic and Matt have an amazing connection, the sex is hot, and the emotions intense. I’m looking forward to the rest of the series. Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews