The House of Doom, Dreams and Desire - Red Haircrow I love to dream, particularly when I have vivid dreams that involve all my senses. Some of those dreams are so detailed that I’m able to write them down. Others are brief snatches of color, conversation, or fragrances, leaving me with a pleasant sensation upon wakening. And others leave me vaguely unsettled and with a feeling of relief that I couldn’t remember all the details. Dreams are fun. I get to travel to different places around the world, see friends I haven’t spoken to in many years, or have passed away, enjoy a variety of lovers, have a houseful of pets without suffering from allergies, look and feel younger, and speak different languages. Those are the good dreams. It’s the wild, strange, and unsettling dreams that would make me hesitate to visit a place like The House of Doom, Dreams and Desire. John Jones is not a coward. He yields to his desires, drinks the magic liquid, and enters the House. What he learns there is enough to send him fleeing in terror. What I’ve learned from reading Red Haircrow’s stories is to expect the unexpected. This is a chilling, erotic work of psychological horror that explores one man’s subconscious fears, darkness, and desires and dares us to examine our own. Also reviewed at Outlaw Reviews.