A Roof for the Rain - Katrina Strauss Imagine a world where the rain has stopped falling and water is no longer a premium commodity, but an allocated resource in the hands of a few. The Thames River has dried up, and the US has been devastated by severe dust storms much worse than those of the 1930’s that affected a good portion of the country. In this barren land, 25-year-old Jacob and 19-year-old Ethan are soldiers in an underground rebellion against the Water Lords. Jacob’s mom was lost during a dust storm when he was a child and succumbed to dust pneumonia just a few weeks later. His dad, founder of the rebellion, was killed during a scavenging mission. Ethan has strength and spirit that make him a good soldier – and a good lover. As much as Jacob cares for Ethan, his painful childhood memories and duties as a leader prevent him from showing his emotions. Unlike Jacob, who remembers the smell of rain, the pleasure of living in a home with windows, and the last devastating dust storm, Ethan has spent his entire life underground and doesn’t feel Jacob’s sadness, only hope that things will get better.This is a beautifully written and very descriptive story that made me sit on the balcony, enjoy the breeze, and wait for rain. I loved the flashbacks that allowed vivid glimpses into Jacob’s past, pleasant memories of loving parents, watermelon, rain, and painful memories of his family’s move underground. I loved Ethan’s tender and affectionate side when Jacob was overwhelmed by his memories, and Jacob’s pragmatic approach to work, life and love. Yes, there is hope for the future. Also reviewed at Outlaw Reviews