Katrdeshtr's Redemption - Red Haircrow I love vampires and their multi-faceted, powerful, seductive, immortal, and mysterious natures. Moody, bored, and restless, Katrdeshtr takes pleasure in killing. He was saved from a grave illness and given the gift of eternal life by his on-again, off-again lover, Tal Trieska. Both men have endured hardships and being together for too many years has leached the passion out of their relationship. As Kat looks to relieve his boredom, and Tal becomes enchanted with a golden-haired beauty named Evangelina, their troubles really begin. Written in vivid detail and elegant prose, the author has created rich characters with emotional depth, and provided a glimpse into the heart, soul, history, and people of Russia.I thoroughly enjoyed this haunting and beautifully told story and look forward to more! Also reviewed at Outlaw Reviews