Night Shift - Red Haircrow 19-year-old Jamie is a college student working third shift at the receiving department of a large retail store. He doesn’t really need the money, but he has a dream of going to Europe someday. His co-workers are a mixed bag, some rather odd and benign, others downright malicious, taunting Jamie because of his androgynous appearance and sweet disposition. Derrik is the new guy who transferred from another store because of problems with his ex-wife. Jamie is intrigued from the start by his unusual looks, his long dark hair, and his reserved nature. After working together side by side for a month, Jamie agrees to meet Derrik for breakfast. Jamie’s attraction continues to grow while Derrik starts to open up a little. Not enough, though, as the secrets Derrik is withholding could tear apart their burgeoning relationship. I became so involved with Derrik and Jamie and loved their sizzling chemistry and deep feelings. The secondary characters were vivid and memorable and though I would have liked more pages devoted to Jamie’s family situation and Derrik’s past, their story was very effectively told in just 53 pages, allowing the reader to fill in the blanks, and leaving a lingering impression. I understand there is a sequel coming out in the spring. I, for one, can’t wait to get my hands on it. Also reviewed at Outlaw Reviews