Striking Sparks (PsyCop, #2.1) - Jordan Castillo Price After reading [b:Camp Hell|6003542|Camp Hell (PsyCop, #5)|Jordan Castillo Price||6178469], book 5 in the Psy Cop series, I was thrilled to find this very short story that takes place in the same world and features one of my favorite secondary characters, Crash.In this story, Andrew is planning to get married next week and is scared to death. He leaves work early to visit a palm reader. Unfortunately, things don't work in his favor and he finds her shop is closed. Andrew happens to meet Crash, who lives and works next door. Crash lends an ear and invites Andrew in for a cup of coffee.Even though this story ends with no resolution, it shows Crash's softer side. I hope to see more of Crash in future stories. Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews