A Stranger's Touch - Anne Brooke Red is a whore who enjoys his work. His pimp, Robbie, arranged for him to meet a client in a dark and empty house. Red is apprehensive, but he trusts Robbie and is accustomed to doing what he’s told to do. In three encounters, always under a shroud of darkness, this most unusual client uses the healing power of his hands and his words to help Red confront his sex addiction, his troubled history, and his need for love and self-acceptance. Red’s gradual changes affect how he interacts with his clients, his relationship with Robbie, and most of all, how he sees himself. A Stranger’s Touch was a deeply affecting, elegantly written, ethereal wisp of a story. It haunted me, left me vaguely unsettled, yet made me feel hopeful for Red's future.Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews