Hero - Heidi Cullinan Hal Porter was finishing up his shift at the construction site he works at and notices an unusual building in a lot that was previously empty, and a woman standing in front of it beckoning to him. Hal gets a glimpse of a beautiful man trapped inside and feels an inexplicable longing. He tries to ignore the visions, but finds he’s unable to. When he goes into work the next morning and gets fired for stealing, he is escorted from the site by two men, and once again sees the building with the woman standing in front. Her name is Shinju and she has the power to change Hal’s life forever.One reviewer compared this story to Neil Gaiman’s [b:Neverwhere|14497|Neverwhere|Neil Gaiman|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1348747943s/14497.jpg|16534]. When I think about it, there are definitely some similarities. Hal is a really nice guy with a very ordinary life who’s a little naïve. In some ways he does remind me a little of the bumbling Richard Mayhew who has a dull job and finds his life changed when he finds an injured girl in the street. When Hal enters the building, he encounters magical beings that are not so friendly and a young man who is trapped. With the help of Shinju’s magic and his own courage and determination, Hal must find a way to rescue Morgan. When I first started reading, I thought the magic and world-building overshadowed the characters quite a bit. I also felt the magical abilities at times were overused with little explanation of its rules, and felt a little contrived. As I read further, I found Morgan and Hal much more appealing as their relationship developed and they realized the power they had together. The secondary characters were very well-developed, particularly Eagan and Shinju. The sex scenes were very hot, but there were a few non-con scenes that made me a little uneasy. Overall, this was a very enjoyable romantic fantasy.