If I Were a Lady... - Bryl R. Tyne 3.5 starsThis transgender romance was cute, sexy, funny, and even a little sad at times, but the cover is horrible. I was able to enjoy this story once I forgot that the creepy-looking picture of Val reminds me of Louie from Taxi. Even though Kendra thinks true love is just a fairy tale, she is not immune to the looks and charms of Valerian Dominick Riche, the school’s new principal. What a name!Goaded by her friends, Kendra discreetly admires the principal from a distance and starts things off right by falling on her ass in her sky high heels.Kendra’s prickly and aloof demeanor doesn’t discourage the principal, though. It isn’t long before they attend a symphony together and Kendra begins to feel she may have found the right man for her. Though Kendra is all woman, she’s missing one thing and fears that Val will find out and reject her.Though Kendra’s fear and insecurity made me sad at times, I adored the push and pull of Kendra and Val’s relationship, their misunderstandings and conflicts, and their steamy sex. So many times I wanted to hug Kendra and tell her to stop being afraid. There was a lot packed into this little story and I think it would have benefitted from greater length and a good editor to smooth out the rough edges.Also reviewed at Hearts on Fire Reviews