Slippery When Wet - Laura Baumbach Reviewed for Hearts on Fire ReviewsWhat could be more naughty and delicious than hot sex in the company sauna with a gorgeous stranger?Dr. Parker Crowe is a straitlaced forensic scientist who works long hours and lacks social skills. He works out at the company gym to tone up his lean body and for three weeks, has his eyes set on Dallas Austin. His physical presence is sturdy and imposing, his body is scarred, and he carries himself with quiet authority and sharp intelligence. Parker knows he works at the company, but doing exactly what?Dallas and Parker take their time learning about each other while Parker loosens up and enjoys the most mind-blowing sex he’s had in his entire life. I couldn’t help but be reminded of Bram and Jamie in [b:A Bit of Rough|451515|A Bit of Rough (Rough, #1)|Laura Baumbach||440143]. Bram and Dallas share a lot of similarities. They are rugged, passionate, assertive and secure. Jamie and Parker are intelligent, shy and somewhat lacking in confidence. Though the two stories were alike in many ways, I still enjoyed the humorous interactions between both men and the build-up of sexual tension followed by wild, hot and impulsive sex. Not only does Laura Baumbach write steamy sex scenes, she writes fully developed characters that are easy to fall in love with. I really hope to see more of Parker and Dallas. I want to learn more about his job and I’m very curious about where he got his scars.