The Incredible Origins of the Onyx Sun - Christopher Mahoney Zack Goodspeed is a normal kid with average parents and an eccentric grandfather who invents things. One of these inventions is a source of power that is used to fuel a spaceship destined for the moon. Zack stows away on his grandfather’s ship along with a girl named Max. There is some adventure, treachery and maybe even the beginnings of love? I don’t know, as I gave up reading 2/3 of the way through. The pace was excruciatingly slow, the characters were one-dimensional, and I finally set the book aside because I just didn’t care anymore. The overuse of the word “team” was terribly annoying. It reminded me too much of work. As Dr. Cameron said in House, “I hate sports metaphors.”The author, Christopher Mahoney, sent me an early release galley. Perhaps some of the book's flaws were addressed in the final version. The cover art is great, though.